School Council

The school council is organised by Anne, our Family Support Worker and Vicky, one of the Deputy Head Teachers, and Beau – Woolgrove school dog.  It is made up of a group of children, one or two from a selection of classes across the school.

 The school council aims are for the pupils to have a voice within our school by,

• Sharing good news about their class or individuals

• Sharing problems and trying to come up with solutions

• Sharing ideas about how to make our school better

• Talking to their classes and finding out information to share

Every September members from each class are chosen either by the class teacher or by the other pupils to represent their class at the school council meetings.

The School Council meet regularly and every member of the school council is given the opportunity to share what they have found out from their classes.  The school council think about solutions to problems or improvements they would like and how they can raise money or get support to put their plans into action.

 The children who represent their class at the school council

• Develop their communication skills

• Work as part of a team to make changes and improvements

• Develop problem solving and negotiation skills

• Grow in self-confidence and increase their self esteem