Beau – The Woolgrove Dog

Woolgrove is an amazing school – my child loves it there so thank you. 

Parent Feedback 2022

This is Beau, he was born on the 22nd March 2020 and he came to live with Vicky on the 20th May 2020.  He is Woolgrove School’s puppy. He comes to school with Vicky.

Beau likes to eat chicken and lamb flavour food and chicken treats. He likes to run around, hide and chew his toys.  His favourite toy is a carrot toy. He likes to sleep and rest a lot too!

He is learning how to go to the toilet outside and what things he can chew like his toys, but not Vicky’s foot or laptop cable. 

This is Beau’s timetable

These are the rules to help Beau and the children when he visits the classrooms

Click HERE to view the Risk Assessment for Beau


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