Coffee Mornings

At Woolgrove School we understand that being a parent and/or carer comes with some hurdles that are not easy to jump. Sometimes the solutions to certain challenges are not easily found and, as parents or carers, you may need a bit of extra support. We have been holding Coffee Mornings for many years and we find that they offer a great opportunity to pick up some new skills and also meet other families.

Our Coffee Mornings are usually scheduled Half Termly and are always completely free to attend.

We offer a broad range of topics that are aimed solely on what parents/carers may be looking for and we include either inhouse staff with specific specialities or we invite external professionals to join us. If you have a specific idea for a topic please feel free to contact Anne Linnell at

If you would like to join us a form will be sent home prior to the event with a reply slip to send in or you are free to just turn up at the specified time. A list of upcoming Coffee Morning can be found below.

Upcoming Coffee Mornings

Information and Reply Forms


Feedback from Previous Coffee Mornings

Wednesday 5th July 2023Speech and Language Therapists (SALT)

Really helpful and interesting.

Even though my child is not covered under Herts, they gave me lots of tools for me to take home to help my child, so thank you.

Very informative, great to hear other parents and their experiences.

I found the coffee morning very informative and will pass comments to my daughter, and chatting to other parents / grandparents, it helped me with understanding problems.  Thank you for holding this coffee morning.

Really lovely to chat and share experiences with other people.

Really helpful to meet and talk to the therapists and get useful information and tips.

Friday 26th May 2023 – ASD – ADHD

The coffee morning was great, it gave me a lot of information about – ADHD that I could try and use in my day to day life. Life can be very hard but with this info I feel a bit better about ADHD. Thank you, Louise for your time and info.

Thank you, the session was very useful and informative. Louise was professional and approachable

A very informative and interesting morning, I enjoyed listening to other parents experiences. Louise delivered it very well, explaining ADHD in detail.

Very good session, it’s a great platform to share which helps us all.

It was really helpful, especially the print outs to take home and great to chat to other parents, in the same position and hear, share our struggles. I would love more in the future. Thank you for creating this safe space.

I have gained some good knowledge, nice to meet other parents, and to hear other parent challenges, really informative thank you.

I feel better for talking and see a way forward to help parents and children bond better. I found the information given today, helpful, informative and good to have extra support from people that understand, it is always good to have the latest information to help manage behaviours.

It was a brilliant presentation, and really informative. I expected a bit about autism, but still good and great to allow parents to open up to rant / express issues, and share thoughts and ideas.

It was an informative presentation, and a good opportunity to meet other parents and share personal experiences. I will email with some questions.

It is really good to have these coffee mornings. They have been a life saver in terms of venting, sharing ideas, and supporting each other. I would love to keep up with these and get more services in; I will collate all the SEN Sessions locally.

I enjoyed meeting other parent’s and being able to chat about similar issues. The slides were very informative and great subject knowledge from Louise.

Monday 15th May 2023 – Beezee Bodies

It was really good to meet other parents and contribution.

I like the idea on the healthier happier household.  

Nice to meet Michelle, lots of info on what Beezee Bodies do.  I would definitely benefit a workshop on fussy eating.

Really useful and informative, lovely to meet others and discuss helpful ideas.  Michelle was really friendly and offered lots of advice on different courses to attend.

I really enjoyed meeting other parents, discussing the challenges really helps; I look forward to the next one.

Tuesday 21st March – Friends of Woolgrove

Really good to have these! I would love to have sessions / speakers on certain topics, toileting, behaviour, communication etc.

I thought the coffee morning was a great idea as you can meet other parents and discuss a lot, unfortunately I won’t be able to make the next coffee morning, as I am working.  I would like to try and help with FOW and maybe I could help at events.

Other ideas, soft play, bingo and discos.

It was a great coffee morning, with lots of other parents to talk too and some great ideas.

The coffee morning was amazing and being back to see other people, sharing ideas and learning how to help with fund raising to help the school.

A good morning, lots of talking, and I met a new friend.

It was a lovely opportunity to meet other parents.

Train track events would be great.

Other ideas for coffee mornings, picky eaters, behaviour would be helpful.

A great meeting, wonderful to meet the other parents face to face, I am looking forward to the next one.