COVID19 Offer

Woolgrove Outreach Current Provision Offer (DSPL1)

 During this time, Woolgrove Outreach will continue to be available to offer support to schools and to parents. We will:

  • Attend regular online DSPL1/SENCO meetings to keep updated and to offer support to schools
  • Maintain regular contact with SENCOs to respond to queries and to offer support by email and phone for pupils on caseload
  • Offer support via the school, for pupils that are not on caseload
  • Support parents of pupils on caseload that have been signposted by SENCO via email and/or phone
  • Respond to requests from professionals to support information gathering in response to EHCP queries and any other requests or queries
  • Provide support to teachers in mainstream schools, sharing resources and suggesting strategies and activities for individual pupils.
  • Keep mainstream schools updated on suggested resources and free online programmes and activities that may be useful

Outreach Manager – Sharon Knight