The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of different pupils … A broad curriculum is enriched by specialist teaching in outdoor learning, physical education, music and art. – OFSTED 2017

Curriculum Information:

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Parent Information Maps


  Medium Term Planning 
 Spring Term 2018 Foundation Country Dance
Infant Trampoline
Year 3 Country Dance
Year 3 Jumping and Landing
Year 3 Netwall Skills
Year 4 Changing Height and Speed
Year 4 Country Dance
Year 4/5 Netwall Games
Year 5 Country Dance
Year 5 Rotation
Year 5/6 Netwall Games
Year 6 Country Dance
Year 6 Sequencing

PE and School Sports Overview 2018-2019
PE and Sports Clubs Provision
Sports Clubs Participation


Computing Subject Coverage


Long term Plan Infant Reception & Year 1
Long term Plan Infant Year 2


Lower KS2 Planning Cycle A Spring 2018
Lower KS2 Planning Cycle B Spring 2018
Upper KS2 Planning Cycle A Spring 2018
Upper KS2 Planning Cycle B Spring 2018

Whole School Topic Overview – 2 Year Cycle


Phonics and Reading


Latest School Performance Tables